ULTRA Hosting

Increase conversion rate and customer loyalty by decreasing loading times with ULTRA fast SSD hosting. Includes intuitive Plesk control panel, IPv6, Let's Encrypt, extensive Wordpress toolkit, and free migration from an existing host if required.

Our SSD hosting packages can host one website each and are limited only on disk space and data transfer.
Pick the package that best meets your needs, you can always instantly upgrade in the future if you need more.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Diskspace 25GB 50GB 75GB 100GB
Data transfer 0.5TB 1.0TB 1.5TB 2.0TB
SSD storage
Low contention
Free migration
Carbon neutral
Trees planted For every ULTRA hosting order we'll plant 25 trees with our partner Offset Earth
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
128GB memory
16 CPU cores
Gigabit network
Let's Encrypt Free SSL
Free hourly backups
Unique Domains 1 1 1 1
Domain aliases
Optional dedicated IPv4
Secure FTP
One click app installs
Configurable PHP version
Full DNS management
Advanced email filtering
including VAT
including VAT
including VAT
including VAT

Need a server?

Our ULTRA hosting gives you mammouth amounts of power and speed without the expense of a dedicated server of the same specification, but if you really need a dedicated environment then we have a range of products to suit.

Virtual servers Dedicated servers


100% SSD storage means website files can be accessed up to 150,000 times faster than regular hard disk drives.

Insanely fast

Incredibly powerful hardware means for ridiculously fast page speed which increases sales and visitor satisfaction.

Advanced caching

Plugins are available for popular software like Wordpress and Magento that provide advanced server side caching and optimisation.


Install Wordpress with a single click from the control panel, as well as secure, maintain, and update.

Low contention

Only 30 sites per server compared to several hundred on regular hosting, so insane amounts of power and fewer people to share it with.

Let's Encrypt

Secure your website with a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate at just the click of a button in the Plesk control panel.

Ruby & Node.js

Deploy applications written in Ruby or Node.js including your choice of version and support for frameworks like Rails.


Manage code revisions and versioning quickly and easily with native support for Git built into the Plesk control panel.