Transfer from 123 Reg

Transfer your domains from 123 Reg and enjoy massive savings. A 2 year UK domain registration is 60% cheaper with Freethought compared to 123 Reg! Plus we're UK based, ethical, carbon neutral, and we'll plant a tree for every domain.

Massive savings on UK domains

Come January 2020, for the price of a 1 year registration with 123 Reg you can have two years with Freethought, and still have some change left over! 123 Reg will charge £14.39, whereas we'll only charge £11.40, so you get £2.99 change and an extra year of registration for the same money!

It's a no brainer really, transfer your UK domain to Freethought for free and save.

We're just plain nicer

123 Reg value profit above all else - they are owned by GoDaddy after all, a massive public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Freethought on the other hand is a small, family run, UK based company with a strong focus on ethical behaviour and environmental responsibility.

In 2015 the wholesale price of UK domains increased by 50%, which 123 Reg more than passed onto their customers with a jaw dropping 186% price hike! In January 2020 the wholesale price increases by 4%, which 123 Reg are passing on to their "valued" customers with another price hike, this time an almost restrained 20%.

To put things in perspective, when the wholesale price increased by 50% in 2015, we likewise increased our prices by 50%. In 2020 the wholesale prices are increasing 4% and our prices for 1 year registrations are actually dropping by 1.3% whilst our multi-year registrations are increasing by just 5.6%. This means for a lot of our customers they're actually going to save money come January 2020! What can we say? We're just nicer.

How to transfer a domain

Transferring a UK domain is quick, easy, and free. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Place a free transfer order (leave the EPP field blank in the order form)
  2. Login to your 123 Reg account
  3. Click "Manage" next to the domain you'd like to transfer
  4. Click the "IPS Tag" button
  5. Enter "FREETHOUGHT" and click "Change IPS tag now"

If you're using 123 Reg name servers or hosting though get in touch or give us a call first on 03300 882130.