SSL Certificates

All our hosting comes with free SSL as standard, but if you need a commercial SSL certificate for your site or another project we have a range of certificates to suit any project.

Every website should be secure

Once upon a time SSL certificates were the purvue of online banking and shopping, but these days every website should be secure. Websites that don't have a padlock indicating the connection is encrypted are de-preferenced by search engines, and visitors to those sights are given dire warnings saying they are in danger.

When it comes to securing your websites you need an SSL certificate, there are many options available to you but none of them have to cost you a fortune. In fact for most people it doesn't have to cost anything, but if you do require a commercial certificate we offer the most likely types you might require. If you do require something more specialist such as an organisation validated (OV) or extended validation (EV) certificate, or a public IP certificate then get in touch.

Hosting with free SSL certificate

Save money and increase your search engine ranking by hosting your website with Freethought with free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt included as standard on all packages.

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For most projects a single domain certificate is all you need,
otherwise the wildcard certificate is perfect for multiple subdomains.

Single Domain Multi-Domain Wildcard
Strong encryption
Site seal
Warranty $50,000 $50,000 $50,000
Included domains 1 3 (Up to 200) 1
Includes www prefix Optional
Includes subdomains
Carbon neutral
Trees planted
including VAT
including VAT
including VAT

Looking for other certificates?

If you're looking for something else like an organisation validated or extended validation certificate then you can buy a wider range in the customer portal.

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