Leased Lines

Freethought leased lines provide a premium dedicated fully optical internet connection directly to the heart of our network. Perfect when speed and reliability are crucial or when there is no other broadband option available.

Maximum speed internet and reliability in almost any location no matter how remote.
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A leased line is the ultimate broadband connection, and because it's 100% optical a leased line can be installed almost anywhere and isn't distance limited, there's also almost no limit on what speed can be achieved; most people opt for 100Mbps but it could go up to 10Gbps or more if you needed it.

Leased lines are not just for the internet though, a leased line can also be used to link two business premises together. Those premises can be in the same town or city, or at different ends of the country, the leased line is a standard Ethernet connection between the two locations at whatever speed you need.

Unfortunately leased lines are bespoke for every customer, to get an idea of cost give us a call on 03300 882130 and we'll chat it over and give you all the advice you need.

Key facts:

  • 100% optical all the way from exchange to your office
  • Synchronous, this means the same upload speed as download speed.
  • Guaranteed speed, if you have a 100Mbps server you will always get 100Mbps, guaranteed.
  • Dedicated, unlike regular broadband leased lines are un-contended, the bandwidth is dedicated to you.
  • Low latency connection, perfect for latency sensitive applications and maximum speed.
  • Comprehensive SLA, if the service is every unavailable you'll be compensated.
  • Flexible, line speed can be upgraded to faster speeds at any time.
  • Pro-active monitoring, we monitor the line 24/7/365 to ensure service quality.
  • Subject to survey, after ordering a survey will be carried out to verify the line can be installed.
  • Expandable, we can provide managed local network services in addition to the line itself if desired.

We can also provide a range of other connectivity services beyond simple internet leased lines, whether you need ethernet point to point, wavelengths, international point-to-point, MPLS, or anything else you can dream of, we love an interesting project so give us a call to discuss on 03300 882130.

Fibre, albeit of a different type. Just like the fibre in bananas is good for you, the fibre in our leased lines is good for fast internet access.

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