Transfer a domain

Save on your renewal costs and transfer your existing domains to Freethought, a carbon neutral ethical UK registrar.

Transfer your domain to Freethought

If you already have a domain with another registrar then you can transfer it to Freethought and experience our great customer service, plus we’ll probably save you money on your renewals in the future compared to other leading registrars. Transferring a domain also gives you access to our free geographically diverse, redundant DNS hosting, as well as quick and easy ability to order from our range of other hosting services for website and email.

For every single domain transferred to Freethought we'll plant a tree on your behalf with our partners Ecologi

To transfer a non-UK domain you’re going to need to ask your current registrar to unlock the domain and provide you with the EPP / auth code for the domain, this is like a password to allow us to initiate a transfer. To transfer a UK domain you just need to ask the current registrar to update the IPS tag to be “FREETHOUGHT”.

What does it cost to transfer a domain?

UK domains are free to transfer but don’t renew as part of the transfer, whilst most other domains require renewing the domain for 1 year as part of the transfer. This renewal adds 1 year to the end of the existing registration so you can transfer at any time and nothing is lost, you just get another year before you have to renew.

DNS hosting

All domains registered through Freethought include intuitive and easy to use DNS hosting utilising our geographically diverse, redundant name servers. If you’d like more information about our DNS hosting, then give us a call on 03300 882130 and we’d be happy to chat.