Charity Web Hosting

We actively support charities in our communities through discounted services, promotion to our customers, and charitable donations.


10% charity discount

Charities do amazing things in our communities; whether it's running groups for children and vulnerable people, conducting scientific research, promoting mental health awareness, providing drug rehabilitation, helping those living on the streets, or meeting the needs of others in hundreds of other ways we can't even imagine, without a doubt charities touch the lives of everyone. We recognise though that providing these amazing services is often expensive and needs the support of individuals and businesses to make it possible. As part of our commitment to be an ethical business we provide a standard 10% discount to all charities on all our products and services, whether you want just a domain or a managed dedicated server.

To claim your 10% charity discount all you need to do is give us a call on 03300 882130 before you place your order and provide your charity registration number, or an equivalent number if you are based outside of the United Kingdom. If you are outside the UK though we'll need to be able to verify your charity registration against an official government register of your country.

Chosen charities

As well as our standard 10% discount to all charities, from time to time we encounter charities that really strike a chord with us that we want to actively support. This might just be through providing completely free services, or we might promote that charity to our customers in our newsletters and through our website, or sometimes we donate our time to provide technical support and advice on something a charity might be struggling with.

Whatever a charity needs we love to support them as best as we can, whenever a charity buys services from us we like to really look at what they do, and if we like what we see then we may well offer additional support to you. Even if you aren't already a customer of Freethought though, if there is something you need that we can help you with then get in touch, we'd love to hear about what you do.

The Island provides mentoring to children and young people in York aged 8-13, and to disabled young people aged 8-18.

Baby's Basket provide moses baskets of baby and hospital essentials to parents who are struggling to provide for their new baby.