IP Transit

Fast and reliable static routed or BGP resilient IP transit in any of our four premium UK data centres.

IP transit is priced based on your committed data rate, you can upgrade your CDR at any time if you need more. Give us a call on 03300 882130 to find out more or order.

Data rate (CDR) Price per Mbps
(inc VAT)
Included Ports
10Mbps £10.80/Mbps 1
25Mbps £7.20/Mbps 1
50Mbps £4.80/Mbps 1
100Mbps £3.60/Mbps 2
250Mbps £3.00/Mbps 2
500Mbps £2.40/Mbps 2
1Gbps £1.80/Mbps 4

Our network

Our redundant multi-homed network spans the UK from London to Manchester.

Learn about our network


We ask that you commit to a particular data rate, this helps us balance our network to ensure maximum reliability. This can be increased at any time if you find you're using more than you planned.


We bill based on the 95th percentile data rate, if you go over your CDR you'll be billed per whole Mbps at your price band. If you keep going over your CDR it's often cheaper to increase it.

IP addressing

We can provide static routed IP transit with our own IPs, or if you prefer we can originate your own IP addresses from our network and route them to you. We support IPv4 and native IPv6.


Depending on your preference, we can provide default route or full table BGP feeds.